Are you just learning how to ski? There are so many beautiful ski resorts throughout the United States that it’s not easy to choose the best resorts for beginners.

However, there are some that are more beginner friendly than others. Taking into consideration the terrain, the instructors, and amenities, these are the top eight best ski resorts: Beaver Creek, Deer Valley, Okemo, Northstar, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Snowmass, and Steamboat Springs.

Beaver Creek is the #1 resort.

Beaver Creek, Colorado is terrific for beginners as it has some of the best and longest runs. It has separate ski lifts just for beginners with easier slopes for slower and less experienced skiers.

Beginners, as well as other levels of skiers, will love the convenient learning area with its excellent ski school. The video analysis program, along with the Ranch, a dedicated learning area enhances Beaver Creek’s capacity for beginners.

There’s also a very easy course that leads down from the mountain to the village. Beaver Creek has won the award for being the best overall safest resort.

Deer Valley is the #2 resort.

Deer Valley, Utah takes pride in its resort for giving personalized attention to its guests. Beginners are treated with the utmost care when learning how to ski.

With almost 30 percent of the slopes considered green runs, they are marked for “slow skiing” for beginner’s protection.

Deer Valley also limits the number of lift tickets sold every day so there aren’t as many advanced skiers on the slope with beginners. The instructors are also very good and will give private lessons if you desire.

Okemo is the #3 resort.

Okemo, Vermont is one of the best places to ski on the East Coast. It’s very family friendly, especially with the Jackson Gore Base Area lodge offering beginner-friendly trails and a Learning Center.

Once you’re ready to hit the slopes, 32 percent of the trails have terrain suited for beginners. You’ll love one of Okemo’s newest amenities: a six-person, heated, bubble chairlift taking you to the Summit Lodge. Near the Summit Lodge, there are several green runs to explore.

Northstar is the #4 resort.

Northstar, California offers a wonderful place for those on the West Coast to go skiing. Located in the gorgeous Lake Tahoe area, Travel and Leisure rated this resort as a premier destination because of Northstar’s highly rated ski school.

The world-class instructors will teach you the necessary skills for all levels in a safe and comfortable setting. You’ll learn the basics: how to glide, how to wedge stop, how to gain confidence, and how to enjoy skiing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to hit the smaller slopes.

Breckenridge is the #5 resort.

Breckenridge is one of Colorado’s best resorts for beginners because their instructors help build your skill levels quickly. It is extremely important to know how to snow plough and stop on your skis before you hit the slopes.

Here’s a short video to help you get started with snow ploughing, an important part of learning how to ski. Small slopes are best to start with and Breckenridge has several near the lower part of the resort with practice lifts.

These are very helpful when learning to ski. There’s an easy valley run beginners find very enjoyable and fun.

Winter Park is the #6 resort.

Winter Park, Colorado is loved by beginners because of its many easy runs that take you down to the valley. Both the Winter Park Village base station and the Mary Jane Base area are rated very high for their beginner slopes.

The practice lifts near the base make it convenient for skiers. No wonder Winter Park is known as beginner-friendly.

Snowmass is the #7 resort.

By coming to Aspen, Colorado, there are four mountains close to one another that make skiing paradise for everyone.

Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highland, and Buttermilk are all accessible with one lift ticket. Snowmass and Buttermilk are the best mountains for beginners.

Fanny Hill and Elk Camp make this a favorite place for kids to come and learn. There is a 25,000 sq. ft. Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center that serves as a basecamp with lunch, hot chocolate breaks, and fun break times.

Once the basics have been learned, take the lift up the mountain to explore some of the beginner tree trails. Even if you are an adult, Snowmass has a Beginner’s Magic program. At the top of Elk Camp is Elk Camp Meadows, another marvelous place for beginners or adult to learn how to ski.

Steamboat Springs is the #8 resort.

With the cowboy atmosphere of this quaint village, you’ll fall in love with the scenic views before you ever hit the slopes. One of the best things about Steamboat is the Professional Ski Instructors.

They know all the latest techniques and make learning to ski fun! They have included terrain shaping, a new trend, to help beginners to make turns and control their speed.

The gentle slopes, banks, and terrain naturally turn the skis to help you slow down. With the resort lodging, it is ski in and ski out, making it much easier to get on and off the mountain.

All of the above resorts offer some of the very best slopes, instructors, and terrain for anyone learning to ski.

These resorts are located in different areas, so hopefully, there is one close enough to you and your family that you won’t have to travel too far.

You can always rent equipment at the resorts and there is always someone there to give you expert advice on which is the best skis and boots for you.

Once you learn, you’ll be going to different resorts to ski down the different mountains. You’ll love the experience and thrill of skiing down the slopes amid the gorgeous scenery!

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