If you want to go snowboarding, where do you go? Your first thought is probably Colorado, with its many ski resorts.

Since snowboarding has become such a popular sport, you may not realize that California also has some really good snowboarding.

The top seven places to go snowboarding in the U.S. are Vail, Mammoth Mountain, Breckenridge, Mountain High, Keystone, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs.

Vail, Colorado is a snowboarder’s dream and considered ground zero. With 31 chairlifts and challenging trails, Vail ranks No. 1 on our list.

There are three main places to snowboard in Vail: Freestyle Terrain Parks, Beaver Creek, and Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin.

Freestyle Terrain Parks

Vail has three different freestyle parks, ranging from kid-sized jumps, boxes, and rails, to pro-style features.

These areas are designated in orange and may have jumps, ramps, banks, half pipes, rails, bump terrain, and other challenges for snowboarders. Golden Park is Vail’s largest terrain park with nine jumps, several rails and jumps to test your skills.

Beaver Creek

Grouse Mountain is a favorite place to snowboard. However, Larkspur Bowl and Stone Creek Chutes are also great places to snowboard. Challenge yourself to snowboard among the Aspen Cliffs.

Black Bowls and Blue Sky Basin

This area of Vail offers its own challenging courses. In the Black Bowls, snowboard down the popular Siberia and China bowls. Don’t forget Lover’s Leap and Champagne Glade in the Blue Sky Basin.

Mammoth Mountain is California’s #1 destination for snowboarders. This video shows one of Mammoth’s popular trails In January, in the thick of winter. You’ll see why this is such a well-liked place to come snowboarding.

Mammoth’s Unbound Terrain Parks are highly innovative and unique. You’ll find three halfpipes, over 100 jibs, and nearly 50 jumps on over 100 acres allowing snowboarders challenging courses and beautiful scenery. Its 22-foot halfpipe and technical rails make this a place where pros can test their skills.

South Park and Forest Trail are both hailed as parks best suited for advanced or expert riders. Both parks offer several jibs, jumps, and a hip. Near the base of Mammoth mountain is where you’ll find the trails for beginners.

What is special about snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado? It has some of the best terrains for snowboarding anywhere in the world for jibbers and shredders. It’s also good snowboarding for beginners.

Breckenridge has some of the best snowboard parks in Colorado. Not far from Denver, it’s more easily accessible than other Colorado resorts. It’s very popular for intermediate levels with awesome snowboarding across four mountain peaks.

With 25 acres of terrain parks, there is something here for everyone. The lift system is the best with 34 in all, including a 5 high speed, six-passenger Super Chairs.

Mountain High’s close proximity to Los Angeles and Orange County makes this resort in California very accessible.

Located west of Wrightwood in the San Gabriel Mountains, this is an excellent playground for snowboarders of all ages and skill levels. It’s famous for having wide berths.

Mountain High is an excellent value as it is less expensive than other resorts. It’s also not quite as crowded. With an elevation of about 6,000 ft., 59 trails, and 16 lifts, you’ll enjoy testing your skills.

With small jumps, black diamond runs, rails, jibs, and fun trails, Mountain High should definitely be on your list of places to go. There are two excellent mountains to choose from. For a truly unique experience, try snowboarding at night!

Of course Keystone, Colorado would be on this list. It’s where you’ll find the award-winning A51 Terrain Park. What is so wonderful about A51?

Keystone is spread out over 60 acres, with six areas that are progressive and creative. There’s one chairlift designated just for the A51. It’s widely known for its jumps, boxes, tubes, rails, and tables.

You’ll not only want to visit Keystone for snowboarding, but it’s a wonderful place to see other top-level pros and snowboarders from all over the world. Both Park Lane and Main Street are easily accessible. You’ll love taking laps all day and will enjoy every minute!

Telluride, Colorado is also on the best snowboarding list. Not only is it rated the #1 ski resort in North America, but it’s also highly rated as a great place for snowboarding. With over 1,700 acres, you can certainly ride your board over different terrain with plenty of drops.

Telluride’s hard-hitting terrain parks are terrific for all ages with different skill levels. There are plenty of jumps, epic runs, half pipes, boxes, and rails at all three terrain parks. Each park is ideal for beginners, intermediates, and more advanced boarders.

It also offers the best parks for lift infrastructure. Beginners start with Ute Terrain Park and then make their way to more difficult parks, such as Hoot Brown and Misty Maiden. Visit Telluride in December and experience the World Snowboard Cup first-hand.

And last but not least is Steamboat Springs. Home of the massive Mavericks terrain park makes Steamboat Springs one of the best places for free-riders. It’s also known for its powder snow.

Lil’ Rodeo is the park for beginners with small jumps, boxes, and a mini half-pipe. Rabbit Ears is for those just passed the beginner stage with more than 20 jumps, jibs, banks, and rails.

The Maverick is what the experienced riders come to Steamboat for as it’s the largest park with jumps from 50 to 70 feet.

The Mavericks Superpipe is 450 feet long with 18-foot walls and is 56-feet wide with a 22-foot transition. The park adjacent to Maverick has an outdoor sound system, rainbows, sliders, a double barrel, and a mini version of the Superpipe. Superb snowboarding!!

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