Your Guide to a Florida Kayak Trip

From the Florida Panhandle to the Florida Keys and every area in between, this state has many locations perfect for a kayak adventure.

Kayaking is a fun water activity that locals enjoy that also brings thousands of tourists to the state every year.

NerdWallet says that Florida offers more than 1,000 miles of coastline, great scenery, more than 300 days of sunshine every year, and another 1,700 miles of rivers and creeks, making the state the perfect destination for your kayaking adventures.

A Water Adventure Fit for All

There is little wonder why so many people spend their time inside a kayak on the Florida waters! This sport lets you enjoy laid-back, quaint fun that still offers plenty of fun and excitement in the day.

Children, teens, and adults all participate in and enjoy kayaking, so it’s a great family adventure or something to enjoy with your lover.

What is Kayaking?

Also called paddling, kayaking is an exciting watersport Floridians have enjoyed for generations, just as have people around the world. The kayak is a canoe-shaped boat that moves through the water using double padded strokes.

The kayak can maneuver easily through smaller spaces than a traditional boat, giving the user the chance to explore more destinations and opportunities than ever before.

A Rewarding Trip to Florida

Kayaking is a physically enduring activity, though the rewards make it worth the effort. Men and women of all ages enjoy kayaking.

Lush landscapes, up-close encounters with wildlife, togetherness with friends and family, and a host of additional perks excite those planning a kayak excursion.

How to Kayak Like a Pro

If you’re a beginning kayaker, do not go out on the water until you’ve first received the proper training. This is a sport/hobby that requires skill and expertise.

Without it, danger can certainly make its way into your adventure and the day will be much more difficult than you imagined.

Guided Kayak Tours Still Require Your Expertise

Even when you plan a kayak trip with a guide, it is imperative that you know a few techniques, such as how to launch a kayak and how to paddle, among others.

Tours and training classes are available that help you learn how to safely kayak and get the most from the adventure. You can also find a plethora of information online, including this helpful video.

Learn How to Kayak

In this video, you’ll learn pertinent tips for basic kayaking provided from the NCHPAD (National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability. Or, you may like the information found within the pages of this great book.

HealthLogic reports that kayaking aids in weight loss, improve strength, and reduces stress. Kayaking is also fun for people of all ages.

Plan Your Trip

Prepare for a kayak adventure well in advance to get the most out of your vacation. This isn’t one of those spurs of the moment types of trips.

It doesn’t happen by chance or when you are bored sitting at home one day, at least not if you want this trip to be safe, fun, and memorable. Friends and family are great resources and social media and review sites come in handy as well.

Important Information About Kayaking in Florida

Learn all that you possibly can about kayaking, the destinations best to travel, where to rent your kayak, and other vital information before you make any arrangements.

Make sure you plan the trip at least 30-days in advance, although planning ahead of this time is certainly fine. Planning is the key to a successful, smooth trip that fills you with special memories, not headache and stress.

The Right Amount of Time for Kayaking

Half-day and full-day kayaking trips make it easy to spend just the right amount of time on the water as you desire.

You can head out early in the morning and be back home by the evening. Or, if you prefer, you can spend the entire day on the water, enjoying a nice sunset and the surreal changes that occur at night.

How Many People Can Take a Kayak Trip?

Arrange a trip for one person, a couple, the family, or for an entire group. The more people brought along the more fun in store for everyone on the trip.

Plus, traveling with a group of people may result in discounted rates for the trip, making it even more important to travel with the crew.

Are You Prepared for an Adventure?

It’s essential that plenty of time is taken to prepare for this kayak adventure. At least one-month advance planning is a good idea, though preparing for the trip even earlier than one month ahead doesn’t hurt a thing.

Bring along the kayak or learn the best location to rent the boat, make sure all of the equipment you’ll need is in tow, and don’t forget the snacks and bottled water and the cooler bag to store the items!

Where to Kayak

Hundreds of amazing kayaking locations exist throughout Florida (and, of course, the rest of the country as well.) If you don’t have a specific destination for your vacation in mind, spend a bit of time researching your options.

Every kayaking destination offers its advantages, though some areas will likely flatter your needs better than others. It’s easy to research the kayak destinations online to find the perfect paddling location.

Kayak Clothing 101

Special kayak clothing keeps you comfortable while on the water. Comfort is very important when kayaking. Make sure clothing is carefully chosen for the trip.

Non-Cotton, nonbinding clothing, neoprene footwear, lightweight fleece jacket or vest, and a hat are essentials for the trip.

Equipment such as a coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD,) paddles, and a bilge pump are amongst the items needed for a kayaking trip.

Must-See Florida Kayaking Spots

Florida has hundreds of amazing kayaking locations to choose from for your adventures. But, you may find that one is more appealing to your needs than others.

It’s important that you get to know the top spots in the state to visit for an amazing kayaking adventure. Where are the top spots in Florida for a kayaking adventure? Read below to learn some of the best destinations according to travels.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Nestled in North Florida is the Ichetucknee Springs State Park, where visitors experience breathtaking views, freshwater springs, and immaculate serenity at the ‘clearest water in the world,’ a term given after its 1972 US Department of the Interior National Natural Landmark designation.

The river is used year-round for tubing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The pristine conditions make the river perfect for beginners and intermediate kayakers alike.

Manatee River

Located in West Central Florida, the Manatee River is a picturesque area covered in pine and mangroves. It is quiet and serene and there are usually fewer visitors here than at other destinations.

Near the Tampa Bay area of the river, kayaking is one of the most popular water activities visitors enjoy. There are nine miles of paddling waters to enjoy here. It’s a perfect place for beginners, although anyone will love getting their paddles wet here.

Cedar Key

Cedar Key, located off the Gulf of Mexico, offers a break from the traditional touristy kayak adventure. The quaint fishing village is sure to fill your camera roll with brilliant pink and purple-hued sunset photographs that you’ll love to show off when you get back home.

\While kayaking, the sunsets certainly capture your heart. The gorgeous sunsets are coupled with the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife including Leatherback turtles, eagles, and blue herons.

Florida Everglades

Head to South Florida and the Everglades where you’ll find a number of amazing kayaking trails that offer a new outlook from the usual kayak destinations.

Kayak rental is available at several outlets throughout the Everglades if you do not own your own kayak. Visit the Swamp for a chance to see turtles, alligators, and other swamp creatures.

More Everglades Fun to Enjoy

Head out to the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness Waterway as well as the Sandfly Island Loop to complete your Everglades kayaking trip.

An Everglades kayak trip is best-suited for travelers who plan to camp and who have several days to devote to the adventure.

A Florida Trip to Remember

Lush landscapes, pristine waters, and perfect temperatures are among the many reasons kayakers choose Florida as their adventure destination, according to Conde Noste Traveler magazine.

It’s the perfect getaway for anyone who enjoys the water, wildlife, and fun, with the chance to make many magical memories along the way.

Keep the information above in mind when planning Florida kayak adventure and there’s the little question this adventure will be one that is never forgotten.

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