The best time to visit Maine to see some of its most impressive waterfalls is in late spring when the snow is melting. The recommended time to visit is between late May and early July.

There are many hiking trails in Maine with amazing waterfalls. Ten of the highest rated waterfalls include Angel Falls, The Cascades, Dunn Falls, Grand Falls, Gulf Hagas, Hay Brook Falls, Houston Brook Falls, Little Wilson Falls (Upper Falls), Moxie Falls, and Small Falls.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is located near the Township D in Franklin County, northwest of Houghton.

The White Mountains is where you’ll find the falls, approximately 90 feet in height.

The trail to get to Angel Falls Is considered “moderate,” taking about 20 minutes from the lower parking area, or about .6 miles.

Here is a short video of this amazing waterfall. It got its name from the water flow. When it’s just right, the falls look like an angel descending from heaven. It’s one of Maine’s tallest single drop waterfalls.

The Cascades

The Cascades are located near Sandy River Plantation in Franklin Country. The Cascade Stream Gorge Park in the western Maine Mountains is where you’ll find the three falls.

The lower falls are about 20 feet in height, the middle falls is about 18 feet in height, and the upper falls are about 10 feet in height.

The trail to reach the falls is “moderate”, taking about 15 minutes to reach all three falls.

Dunn Falls

These falls are located in Andover North Surplus in Oxford County. Located in the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Park, this waterfall is about 80 feet in height.

The hiking trail is considered moderate to slightly difficult with the entire loop of 2 miles in length.

It’s well worth the hike as you’ll also pass other small falls and pools that are absolutely beautiful!

Grand Falls

The Grand Falls are located near Township 3, Range 4 in Somerset County. This block-styled fall is 40 feet tall and more than 100 feet wide.

It is a magnificent waterfall with an easy hike, about 15 minutes one way. There are no paved roads anywhere near the falls, but there is a Grand Falls Hut not far where visitors can stay overnight.

Gulf Hagas

This impressive fall is near the town of Bowdoin College Grant East in Piscataquis County. It’s also located in the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Park.

The falls are often considered one of Maine’s best day hikes and are known as the Grand Canyon of the East.

On the way to Gulf Hagas, you’ll pass Screw Auger Falls, which will take you about an hour to hike one way. This is also an excellent place for swimming, so go prepared.

The height varies, but Screw Auger Falls has about a 15-foot drop and is considered a moderate trail.

Hay Brook Falls

These falls are also near Bowdoin College Grant East in the vicinity of the Gulf Hagas waterfall.

If you’re looking for a waterfall that is hidden away from most people, then you’ll love the Hay Brook Falls.

It will take you about 40 minutes to hike from the Gulf Hagas trailhead. The trail is considered easy to moderate with campsites nearby.

Houston Brook Falls

Houston Brook Falls is near the town of Pleasant Ridge in Somerset County. Although it’s located on private property, the general public is welcome.

With a 32 foot drop, this remarkable fall is an easy hike to get to. It’s about a 10-minute hike one way from the ME 201 highway. The views are absolutely breathtaking!

Little Wilson Falls (Upper Falls)

These falls are near the town of Elliotsville in Piscataquis County, along one of the most famous trails in the U.S., the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail extends from Georgia up to Maine with the Little Wilson Falls being one of the most scenic waterfalls.

The lower falls are 18 feet in height, the middle falls are 25 feet in height, and the upper falls are 40 feet in height.

This trail passes through a nature preserve and is considered an easy hike with the middle falls only about 10 minutes away.

Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls ranks as another one of Maine’s outstanding falls. These falls are located near the town of Moxie Gore in Somerset County.

These fabulous falls have one of the tallest drops in the state near the Kennebec River, famous for whitewater rafting.

It is classified as a moderate hike, about 20 minutes one way. It’s one of Maine’s most visited waterfalls.

Smalls Falls

These falls are located in the Smalls Falls Rest Area, just south of the town of Rangeley.

One of the most visited falls in Franklin County, it’s known for its colorful gorge, outstanding swimming holes, and extraordinary waterfalls.

You’ll love the easy .1 mile hike and you’ll be able to few Smalls Falls in less than 10 minutes.

There’s a series of four waterfalls, with plenty of places to sit along the gorge walls.

Bring along a picnic basket or burgers to grill on one of the park’s charcoal grills. It’s a great stop to take a break and enjoy some of Maine’s fabulous scenery!

When you think of Maine, do you automatically think of lobsters? When visiting New England, take a break from the coast to see some of Maine’s most picturesque waterfalls.

There are many more falls beside the ten mentioned above, but these are some of the most highly rated and photographed in the area.

The hiking trails to the waterfalls are usually pet-friendly and are a great way to explore nature’s beauty with your family.

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